How to Request Accounts and Set Up New Users

Step 1. Open a new conferencing account for your company
(New XO Conferencing Customers)

Welcome to XO Conferencing! We are delighted that you’ve decided to add this service to your business; there are no set-up fees and you're not charged until you use the service!

To request a conferencing account for your company, you will need to provide your contact and billing information via the Open a New Conferencing Account form. Once received, we will create your account within 48 hours and will send you an e-mail which will include two important pieces of information:

  1. Electronic Conferencing Account Number (EB Number)
  2. Security PIN code for your company

Once you have the EB and PIN, you can set up individual users with their own conferencing passcodes.

Step 2. Add users to your conferencing account

If you have received your EB and PIN from XO Conferencing, then you have everything you need to set up individual users with chairperson accounts. If you do not have an EB and PIN for your company, please read the instructions above to submit an account request.

To add an individual user to the existing conferencing account for your company, you will need to provide your company’s EB and PIN number as well as the contact information for each new user. Simply complete and submit the Add a New User form.

Within 48 hours the new user will receive an email with their personal conferencing details. As the conferencing administrator, you will also receive a copy of this email to confirm that the request was completed.

Delete a user account

If you would like to delete/cancel a user account, please click here.

Note: This form will cancel only the specific chairperson account; it will not cancel the conferencing billing account for your company.


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