Open a new conferencing account for your company

Welcome to XO Conferencing! We are delighted that you’ve decided to add this service to your business; there are no set-up fees and you're not charged until you use the service!

To request a conferencing account for your company, you will need to provide your contact and billing information via the form below. Once received, we will create your account within 48 hours and will send you an e-mail which will include two important pieces of information:

  1. Electronic Conferencing Account Number (EB Number)
  2. Security PIN code for your company

Once you have the EB and PIN, you can set up individual users with their own conferencing passcodes.

Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

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Primary contact:

Found on your most recent XO invoice

Enable "Client Account Code" Prompt**

** When this is enabled on your account, every conferencing Chairperson is prompted to enter a Client Account Code on their telephone keypad whenever they enter the audio conference. This may be up to 12 digits in length. Any Client Account Code entered will be printed on your invoice and therefore provides a simple means of assigning and tracking conference costs. Note: Client Account Codes might also be known as "Customer Reference Numbers" or "Bill-back Codes"

Billing contact:

Billing contact details same as above


  • USA toll free 1 888 668 2666

Help Desk

  • USA toll free 1 888 823 6413
  • Global toll +1 857 207 4798