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Present Documents

  1. Choose which type of sharing is most appropriate for your presentation
  2. Initiate sharing

Ways to share content

There are several ways a presenter can share content using WebEx Meeting Center. You should choose the option that best balances the benefits and the takeaways.



  • Is faster and more bandwidth efficient than application or desktop sharing.
  • Is ideal for sharing presentations or documents that you do not want to edit during the meeting.
  • Lets you and participants annotate content.


  • Does not let you edit the content during the meeting.



  • Lets you edit the content of any presentation or document open in the application.
  • Lets you grant attendees control of the application.
  • Is ideal for software demonstrations.
  • Lets you and attendees annotate the application and documents that are open in it.


  • Requires more bandwidth than presentation or document sharing.



  • Lets you quickly share multiple applications at once.
  • Lets you show any part of your desktop, including file directories.
  • Lets you grant attendees control of your desktop, access files, and run applications.
  • Lets you and attendees annotate your desktop and any applications.


  • Requires the most bandwidth among sharing options.
  • Lets an attendee with remote control access any part of your computer and modify any files, which may be a security concern.

How to share

Sharing content can be initiated from a number of places within WebEx Meeting Center:

  • Quick Start Tab - Gives the host quick access to the most commonly used sharing options via icons directly through the meeting window.
  • Toolbar Icons - Allows access from the tools bar at the top of the meeting sharing tab.
  • Drop Down Menus - Allows access to the sharing options via the drop down menus at the top of the meeting window consistent with that of windows based programs.