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View Tools

The View Tools allow the presenter to adjust what participants see while they are actively presenting or sharing. This toolbar can be found at the bottom left corner of the meeting console while a document or presentation is being shared.

Standard View / View Thumbnails

Clicking Standard View displays the shared content as you would normally view it. To display thumbnails, or miniatures, of shared pages, slides, or whiteboards to the side of the content, click View Thumbnails. This tool helps you locate a page or slide quickly. Click Standard View to return to normal viewing of the shared content.

Full-Screen View

Displays shared content in a full-screen view. Helps you to ensure that participants can view all activity on your screen. Also helps to prevent participants from viewing or using other applications on their screens during a presentation. Click ESC to return to the content viewer.

Rotate page right / left

Allows the presenter to rotate the presentation or document to the left or to the right if desired.

Document Size

Allows the presenter to adjust the view within the meeting window to allow them to fit a larger presentation into the meeting window as well as increase the size of the view.

Zoom In / Zoom Out

Lets you display shared content at various magnifications. Click this button, and then click the page, slide, or whiteboard to change its magnification. For more magnification options, click the downward-pointing arrow.

Synchronize Displays for All

For presenters, synchronizes all participants' displays with your display. Helps to ensure that all participants are viewing the same page or slide, at the same magnification, as in your display.