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What are Productivity Tools?

If your site administrator has turned on WebEx Productivity Tools options for your WebEx service site, all WebEx Productivity Tools are installed automatically on your site. In addition, whenever newer versions are available, WebEx Productivity Tools are updated automatically.

The installation process installs all available WebEx Productivity Tools; however, at any time, you can change your preferences about which applications to use with WebEx Productivity Tools, and you can also change other WebEx account and meeting preferences by setting options in the WebEx Settings dialog box.

You can install WebEx Productivity Tools to start or join meetings instantly using One-Click, Microsoft Office, Web browsers, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, and instant messengers; or to schedule meetings using Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes, without going to your WebEx service site.

After you install WebEx Productivity Tools, you can log in and set options for your WebEx account, set meeting options for instant meetings and scheduled meetings, set preferences for the One-Click panel, and select which Productivity Tools you will use with WebEx.