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Schedule a Meeting

You have many options for how you schedule a meeting with WebEx. The below information is for scheduling a WebEx meeting online using the WebEx Meeting Manager. You can also use Productivity Tools to schedule a WebEx with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or using WebEx One-click. More on Productivity Tools >>

The WebEx Console includes two methods of scheduling meetings.

  • The Quick Scheduler allows you to quickly schedule a meeting with the essential web conference options.
  • The Advanced Scheduler guides you through a 9 step process, allowing you to customize the settings of your specific meetings.

Schedule a meeting online using the Quick Scheduler

  1. Log into WebEx as previously noted.
  2. Select Host a Meeting from the left navigation menu and then Schedule a Meeting.
  3. Fill out the Quick Scheduler form.
  4. Click Schedule Meeting.

Schedule a meeting online using the Advanced Scheduler

  1. Log into your WebEx account.
  2. Select Host a Meeting from the left navigation menu and then Schedule a Meeting.
  3. Toward the top of the form, select the link for Advanced Scheduler.
  4. Complete the 9 step process to schedule a meeting.
    1. Required information
    2. Date and Time
    3. Teleconference settings
    4. Invite attendees
    5. Registration. At this stage you can select to have attendees register for your meeting. To do so select the Require attendee registration and select the information you wish to collect from attendees for your meeting.
    6. Agenda and customizable welcome. Use this step to enter an agenda for your session and load a presentation to display to attendees when they enter the meeting.
    7. Meeting Options. In step seven you set the options and functions you wish to be available during your meeting.
    8. Attendee Privileges. At this step you can select the privileges you wish to enable for attendees within your meeting.
    9. Review. At this step you can review the meetings details you have just selected to insure it is formatted as you wish.

When the scheduling process is complete, select Schedule (or select Start to begin your meeting immediately). You will view a Meeting Scheduled page. Click OK of Add to my Calendar to confirm.

You will receive two emails, one that confirms your host meeting details and a separate email you can forward to participants.