Pandemics and Travel Restrictions: Are You Prepared?

Whether your company faces travel budget reductions or a health crisis that requires employees to work from home, effective and productive communication across all lines of business is critical. XO Conferencing enables you to maintain that communication through virtual meetings.

    Here are some best practices to keep your company working through a crisis:
  • Identify the owner for an integrated business continuity plan for your organization.
  • Make sure that you and your colleagues have the XO Conferencing accounts that you need.

Hint: To refer your colleagues or business partners to this service, simply direct them to or

  • Have alternative dial-in numbers available to your conference attendees in case of line congestion (conferencing traffic). To see a complete list of Global Access Numbers for XO Quick Conference click here.
  • When a substantial number of your colleagues are working remotely, itís helpful to start conferences at 15 minutes before or after the hour, or outside typical business hours to prevent line congestion.

We hope you find this information useful as you aim to create stability within your business. If you would like to request more information about using XO Conferencing for crises management, click here.