XO Conferencing Savings Calculator

By replacing business travel, conferencing saves you money and helps reduce your carbon footprint. See how much you could save by entering the appropriate values from a recent business trip. If a field doesn't apply, simply leave it blank.

How much did it cost to get there? (Driving, parking, flying...)
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How much did it cost to stay there? (Hotel, food...)
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Total accommodation cost ($):
How much pollution did the trip produce?
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I / we took a car with diesel engine* :  miles
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I / we took a long flight (over 300 miles):  miles
I / we took a short flight (under 300 miles):  miles
What if you'd used XO Conferencing instead?
Type of conferencing:
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Number of participants:
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Total conferencing cost ($):
Total trip cost ($):
Total savings ($):
Total kg CO2 saved:

Source: Defra 2005 and National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory 2003.

* Average CO2 emission for modes of transport.

Note: Above savings calculations are for illustration purposes only. Service prices and actual savings may vary. Pricing above reflects the $500.00 monthly commit level and promotion pricing.